Ever since I was a little girl I have loved words. My mother read me Robert Frost before I could speak, my father took me on adventure after adventure with the Kings & Queens of Narnia and the Famous 5.

Once I was old enough, they gave me the gentle nudge I needed to devour the stories myself and even attempt to write a few words of my own. Reading nonsense poetry in the car on the way to school every day, twice a day gave me an insatiable love for rhythm and rhyme, and my first forays into writing were with limericks, at the very tender age of six.

From there I moved to writing short stories at school, analysing literature at university and then, for many years, my ink dried up.

My love affair with words was rekindled (quite literally) by romance itself. On a trip to Verona, I decided on a whim to write a letter to Juliet, never expecting to get a reply, let alone to win a prize for the best letter! I was flown out for the prize giving ceremony and my secret thoughts and worries suddenly belonged to the world, read out loud in front of press, who were scribbling furiously, all about me.

This incredible experience gave me the nudge I needed to start writing again and the confidence to set up this blog and share my words. And so, I dedicate this blog to Verona, to love, and to my beloved parents. I think that they represent all I love to write about. I have included some publicity below:



Other articles: Seattle TimesStar TribuneWashington TimesNY Post; CCTV News, China (Video)

Receiving the prize from the head of the Juliet Club, Giulio Tamassia

Receiving the prize from the head of the Juliet Club, Giulio Tamassia

Photo taken for an article for The Sun, holding the original letter I sent

Photo taken for an article for The Sun

LSE News & Media:


L’Arena – A local paper from Verona:



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