A Starry, Starry Night with PANDORA

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of #pandorawishes at the flagship PANDORA Marble Arch store.


I arrived a little late to find a host of paparazzi waiting outside the entrance and as Abby Clancy walked out, the cameras flashed their lights. It felt like walking through a shower of shooting stars.

Inside, the star studded theme continued with celebrities everywhere you turned and swathes of midnight blue fabric sparkling with silvery stars.


The idea behind the #pandorawishes campaign is to help men (boyfriends, partners, husbands) to shop for their lovely ladies by getting the women to create bespoke wish-lists! I always make a wish-list at Christmas to help my family out .. although for the past 20 or so years, a horse has been at the top of the list and I still have yet to receive one!

When you create your wish list on the PANDORA club page and share it, you’re entered into a competition to win a £500 PANDORA gift card plus one of the celebrity couples’ ultimate wishes including:

– A luxury holiday to the Maldives
– A spa weekend to the south of France
– VIP tickets to a UK summer festival


With so many really beautiful pieces of jewellery in the PANDORA Christmas collection, it’s hard to narrow down a wish list but my favourites are definitely the lace earrings and necklace and the midnight blue ring!


After spending a little while looking at all the jewellery downstairs (and helping ourselves to sweets from the wall of sweets), we headed upstairs to the main party.


Enchanting decor, flutes of champagne and fabulously dressed people ensued. My eyes were drawn straight away to the fashion blogger Prince Cassius, who really has the most wonderful hair!


Sarah Jane Crawford was hosting the night, and introduced the three celeb couples who are working with PANDORA on the wishes campaign: Jamie and Louise Redknapp, Marvin and Rochelle Humes and Jameela Jamil and Rick Edwards (not a couple but colleagues and friends). After the couples talked a bit about their favourite pieces in the new collection, Sarah Jane started spinning the decks in the DJ booth!


As with all PANDORA events, the catering was really top notch! Beautiful canapés and desserts were brought out in a seemingly never ending stream of happiness. Some of the desserts looked worthy of going on show at Willy Wonka’s garden of chocolate!


My favourite were the chocolate star lollipops. A deliciously soft creamy ganache centre sandwiched between 2 thin chocolate stars and just the right size to pop into your mouth. I confess I must have had at least 5! It wasn’t just delicious food though, after being served glass after glass of prosecco, the cocktails were brought out! Elegant flutes of Chambord, passion fruit purée, topped off with champagne with fresh raspberries. Cocktail heaven!

There was a great atmosphere at the party and by the end of the night we had definitely talked to almost everyone in the room (except for Scary Spice who put in a quick appearance). In a bizarre turn of events I ended up chatting to one of the MIC stars for a while about which dog breeds were best suited for first time owners!


(We took a sneaky selfie)


All in all it was a truly magical night! I really liked getting to see more of the new collection items and with Christmas coming up I know for sure that quite a few products will be on my Christmas wish list!


As we left, we were given a goody bag with some magazines, nail polish, and makeup – all very useful!


My heartfelt thanks to PANDORA for such a wonderful night! And for any male readers frantically trying to think of a gift for their girlfriends, you can read more about PANDORA gifts here.


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