The Creature with Eyes of Blue

Beyond the green, green grass and hills,
Beyond the great white walls of chalk,
There dwells a lonesome creature who
Has searing eyes of pale, pale blue.

The creature with eyes of icy air.
Take heed!
Of the creature marred with hopeless need.

The creature with pale, pale blue eyes
Its feet on the ground, its head in the skies.
Slowly it wanders, runs and leaps
Lo, it hangs its head and weeps.

It reigns over the frozen plain
Hoping somehow it will freeze the pain.
It lords over the wildest seas
Wishing its loneliness would ease.

The creature with eyes of pale, pale blue,
Sailing the waters with its one man crew.

Frustration follows it day and night;
The villagers hear its wails and cries,
Shivering in a bed no longer dry.

The creature with the eyes that stare.
Take heed!
That creature may, someday, be freed.

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