Nice Ice – Shaved Ice with Mango Purée, Mango Chunks & Condensed Milk

A little place called ‘Nice Ice‘ just opened up in Greenwich a month ago and it’s already attracting a lot of attention!

I first tried mango shaved ice in a tiny little dessert place on the outskirts of KL with my local friends and I absolutely loved it, however I’d never dreamt that I’d be able to find it in London!

This delicious and cooling dessert is popular all around Asia and the recipes and ingredients will vary accordingly. The Mango shaved ice at Nice Ice is a mountain of white ice served in a huge bowl which is then soaked with mango puree until the ice turns a beautiful yellow then a generous portion of fresh mango chunks are added and finally condensed milk (possibly one of my all time favourite ingredients!) is drizzled over the top!

photo (1)

They don’t just do the mango flavour – I’m just obsessed with mango – there’s also a lovely summery strawberry option and for the more adventurous folk there’s matcha shaved ice (green tea) served with a portion of red beans on the side – Japanese style.

They also sell bubble tea in a variety of flavours, fresh fruit milkshakes and ice cream.

photo (2)

I personally felt that at £4 a bowl, which can easily be shared between two, this little honeyed taste of  heaven was definitely worth the price!

Here are the two very happy customers! We’ll definitely be coming back to Nice Ice regularly over the summer!

photo (4)

photo (3)

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