Midnight Chocolate & Amaretto Tart

(For the best taste experience, eat at midnight)

Blend or crumble by hand half a pack of almond or oat biscuits. Most people like to use digestives for tart bases but I find that they are too salty. Using your hands, mix the crumbled biscuits in a bowl with melted butter – enough to get the biscuits wet. Then place this mixture into your cake tin, pressing it down so it’s a firm base.

While the base is hardening in the freezer, melt 2 slabs of dark chocolate in a pan over another pan of boiling water (bain marie), stirring constantly. Once melted, slowly add in a tub of double cream and keep stirring until it is all mixed in. Finally add the amaretto very slowly, making sure it is all mixed in before adding more. If you pour in too much at once it may look like its ruined, but keep stirring and it should be fine!

If you’re going for presentation, be cautious with the amaretto! I always end up adding too much amaretto becasue it tastes so good, but it means I have to keep it in the freezer to allow it to set which means the base is very hard! Leave overnight in the fridge or until the chocolate part has set, then serve with a sprinkling of cocoa powder on top, raspberries and some mint leaves. In the photo below I served it with Greek yoghurt and passionfruit.

He teased me for buying a whole bottle of amaretto just to make a cake, but I promise it’s worth it!


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