Pizza in the Park

So today we decided on a naughty meal of pizza and chips in the park.

Ecco on Drury lane is one of my favourite pizza places in London. Having grown up on proper pizza in Italy, I’m rather fussy about my pizzas and Ecco is one of the few places I actually like – and it’s cheap! (£3 for a full sized margarita takeaway). I came here at least once a week when I was living in halls. Stereotypical student!

I picked up the chips from The Rock and Sole Plaice – a fish and chip shop off Betterton St. They were ok – hit the spot at the time but nothing special – not like Bukowski’s!

We went back to the little park to eat. I honestly have no idea what this park is called, can’t find the name of it anywhere on Google. It’s a tiny little park that feels a little like some urban art installation that has been reclaimed by nature – rambling roses, wild purple flowers and water lillies all sit quietly in hidden corners. And it’s king? A one eyed black cat who we named Jo.

The first time we went there (perhaps 2 weeks ago?), Jo came and sat on my lap and happily enjoyed half an hours worth of stroking. We then went and played on the swings in the church park. I tried to go down the slide – but my back side didn’t fit! A sign perhaps?! He trapped me on that thing that spins around and span me furiously. At one point I was nearly flung off. i felt like such a kid.

On that occasion we wandered afterwards to an Indian restaurant run by Hare Krishna called Govinda’s. The food was really good, especially the rajma (kidney bean curry) and yellow dal. For £10 you can get an all you can eat thali (plate) – however it is all vegetarian food. They also serve quite decent lassi’s as well as fresh coconut water. There are tables outside on the street – perfect place to people watch.


I was surprised by how many Americans were regulars at the little temple that the restaurant is attached to. The 2 Indian people were outnumbered. Made me think about my heritage – half Indian yet a bit of an outsider.

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