Love ain’t Rodeo

Ingrained in her mind
She must stay on her ride.
Digs her spurs in his side
Legs and leather entwined.
Head down, nostrils flaring.
The bronc does his best –
Audience seems impressed
By her show of daring.
The horse is half wild
His body jerks and twists
And as the rider resists
His sheer power is riled.
The danger increases
As time gallops by
The stakes fly sky high
She can’t go to pieces.
Shattered bones will mend
Bruises will fade,
She isn’t afraid
It wont be the end.
Love isn’t the same.
Don’t hold on too long
A heart isn’t as strong –
It’s no longer a game.
So frail and wide-eyed
You don’t know this pain!
Your spirit will wane,
With the tears that you cry.
My dear, take care…
For love ain’t rodeo.

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