Bleak World

Once upon a time the world was filled with beautiful colours, streaming around me. Golds languishing in the light of the sun, reds burning with rage and passion, and the ever-present green, that so many take for granted – gently comforting my soul and soothing my senses in its enduring manner. When the colours left, they were replaced with a cape of velvet blackness which some found scary. However the night was just as rich and regal as the day, sultry and exciting in her own way, while at the same time murmuring soft whispers in our ears that made us sigh and slip away into the realm of dreams.

Now I look around me and everything is grey, the earth, the skies, the water – so desperately bleak. Nothing. Nothingness. I see no hope, yet nor do I see pain, life is absent.

In the old world, people appeared before me like shimmering lights. Their touch made my soul grow brighter, their presence made my heart lighter until I could float, running on the slipstreams of the wind, riding on the dark mares of the night.

The people have gone, their lights grew fainter and fainter until one day they faded away into the nothingness. Pain has taken a hold of me and he stubbornly refuses to release his grip, constricting my chest until I feel like no amount of tears could ever free me from his cold fist or soothe my aching soul.

My light is dimming, my feet fall heavy on the ground, I walk alone in an empty world, which sits so silently. The darkness is no longer my friend, she observes my fate from her lofty position without interest. I frantically tie knots to keep myself from falling into shadow, but as I tie each knot, another comes undone.

Please, don’t take me.

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