Tiger Tiger (William Blake)

Tiger tiger burning bright,
I hurt your heart and dimmed your light.
Felt the pain deep in your eyes,
Bleaker than the darkest skies.

King of kings, you lost your fight,
Confronted with the painful sight.
I saw your face, shadowed with fears,
Now nothing can hold back my tears.

Broken-hearted and contrite,
Yearning to make what’s wrong, right.
I ache for you, deep down inside
And for that love that now has died.

Tiger tiger – No longer bright,
Shrouded in the sombre night.
My deepest wish and one desire
Is that, once more, you’ll burn like fire.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Tiger (William Blake)

  1. Hi I’m an Imp from Impossible the phrase King of kings lost your fight I assume refers to the Messiah but which Messiah my I ask and what fight did he or she lose? I think the feel of the poem is very like the original but still original.

    • Hi there – not a messiah, just a normal person :) The ‘king of kings’ refers to the tiger allegory and the fight they’ve lost is not an actual fight but the inner fighting spirit! :)

      Thanks for saying it’s still original!

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